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Value and investment.

For the shake of evaluating we need to understand two different things. There is the what you can expect to get back on an item that, you buy that’s like value for money, and there’s what you can make above the amount you have spent on an item, and that’s an investment. When we talk about investment value were talking about the amount you would get back above what you’ve spent. That’s were my investment score chart comes in I rate an item from 1-10 one being low ten being high, from what it might potentiality return. Nearly all jewellery has some value when I say all jewellery I’m talking mainly about precious jewellery silver, gold platinum palladium precious and semi precious stones. That’s not to say that none precious jewellery has no value or could not even achieve a return, I’m just not covering that specific jewellery at this time. Some silver items look great we love them as jewellery buy them and enjoy wearing them, but when it comes to monetary value I say monetary because silver jewellery has a lot more than just monetary value to many people myself included, but strictly from a monetary point of view and not for all pieces of silver obviously there are silver items that have and probably will achieved a return, but generally your everyday silver items brought are unlikely to achieve that. To put things into perspective general gold jewellery not antiques or high end but just your every day jewellery not the exceptions, will give you back around a quarter of what you spent on them if your selling to a shop, if your selling privately you might get half back. We are talking about selling your item immediately or in year’s to come from the date of purchase, Again this is general and not absolute. Were as a comparable silver piece you would expect to get back 5% if that if you are able to sell it. However you could still sell it privately, what you get back varies and depends more on the item itself.

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