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Birthing the Maxim brand in 1998, in England. Bernard Maximin who is an accomplished jeweller specialises in gold and platinum, gem-set jewellery. Many of Maxims design inspirations derive from architecture, nature and people. With over 24 years of experience in the trade, Bernard has mastered his craft with the finest attention to detail, which has enabled his work to be sold in some of the most well-known jewellery stores in the UK.

As a child, Bernard grew up involved in all things D.I.Y. At school Bernard’s metalwork teacher said that he could never put a hole through a piece of round wire that must have measured around 2 mm in diameter. Bernard’s metalwork teacher was astonished and silent when we successfully proved him wrong. From a young age, Bernard has shown skill and precision, because of this a friend who was a jeweller suggested he pursue a career in jewellery, he found his chance in the form of a little scrunched up piece of paper on the floor at a career's centre with the details of a jewellery manufacturer in Hatton Garden. 

Bernard submitted his application; it will take several years before he’d become a good diamond setter, he was told. Bernard was able to prove his skill and resilience in the seven-year apprenticeship he was offered. In the first year, Bernard showed his determination, as he never took any holidays, many years later the jewellers praised his talent, they stated that they knew he was talented as soon as they witnessed him hold the drill for the first time.

As a professional, Bernard was able to set rings which nobody else was either allowed or able to do to his standard, Bernard mastered the skill to the point where he was called in from his holiday to set some channel set rings. 

Bernard soon after his Apprenticeship started his own line of jewellery, he manufactured his own designs for many years supplying up market high street shops. He has also done a lot of work for independent shops as well as eventually getting his own jewellery store at a time when many were closing. He has been fulfilling his ambitions and vision by being able to design and make his own rings and rings for his customers ever since then. This web site aims to make it possible for all to enjoy jewellery at it's best.

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