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Choosing the perfect ring

For many the most significant piece of jewellery they will buy is a engagement ring. Because it means so much, stands for so much represents so much and has so much meaning, the purchase of an engagement ring is much more than sentiment or adornment it signifies commitment, love, loyalty, status, pride, it shows others how loved, how treasured, the one wearing it is. But most importantly shows an agreement between to people of their intention, to marry. Having reached this life changing moment, a engagement ring is carefully chosen to represent this moment in time, stand for all these things. Now one can begin to look to the future, their outlook changes, planning for a happy future becomes more of a reality. For some a timeless classic in the form of one single stone conveys a meaning of simple elegance that states in a very simple but true way it’s meaning. A bit of a break from the norm in the form of another shape other than a round brilliant cut gives a little individuality. For others it has to be as bling as possible, like a celebration on the finger to mark a special moment. For others it has to have meaning, for example, represent all the milestone in the relationship or all the things that mean something to the couple, this might be worked into the design in some way, either metaphorically or figuratively. For others the most important thing is to be different, to stand out, to express themselves, to say that their different or to express a journey an experience, these rings usually get a huge reaction, but take a long time to make, some like the idea of having a ring no body else has or will ever have, to them this adds to the feeling of making them special. The bigger the better if you like big diamonds, but I have found that big doesn’t always suit the individual wanting a big diamond. Sometime the perfect ring isn’t always the one someone had in mind, but the ring that’s liked the most is usually the one that suits or looks the best on, and is the perfect ring for that individual. Ones personality comes into it as well. But what if it’s a surprise. How do you pick then. I may write about this in the next blog.

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