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Lab grown

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Just want to address the fake diamond market or Lab grown as there often referred to. There are two main methods used to create these stones one uses excessive heat and pressure the other method is where the stone is grown from gases in a chamber using micro wave power to energize the gases. Some have welcomed these new advances from supplier to retailer others like myself have not. While not denouncing the choice this brings to the consumer, it does in a way encroach on the diamond market. The only thing I like about this new technology is that it has enabled some to turn the ashes of a loved one into a stone that they can wear for as long as there alive, and the little comfort this can bring to a grieving person cannot be denied or frowned on, it should be embraced. But as for using them to make jewellery for me seems to miss to point. You see for me jewellery doesn't just look good and make the person wearing it look good and thus feel good, for many that's as far as it goes and that's fine, but for me it has to be authentic genuine real because it has history meaning, there's something about bringing together a natural phenomena and all the thoughts and feelings that are inspired by it and a skill that enables the craft's man to bring a vision to reality in a form that can be understood interpreted and that can connect to its new owner. That's why I only deal with suppliers who only deal with, and done for decades, real natural mined diamonds. So far i have been able to spot Lab grown diamonds, the there are machines that detect them, so for me personally I will never use lab grown diamonds in any of the jewellery I sell whether new or second hand. Of course customers can always choose a certified stone if they need that added peace of mind.

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