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Every cloud has a gold lining

What has happened to gold. It's going through the roof and it's rise is looking like it might be set to continue thanks to the virus. This dose not mean that it's out of reach. Now might be as good a time as any to purchase, that admired, or that desired piece of jewellery. Let me explain, many retail shops including Maxim has not increased the prices of their stock. This could be even more advantageous if you are using old or unwanted jewellery to buy the next piece to add to your collection. Even if your just looking to sell you can take advantage of the high prices of gold at the moment. We are anticipating buying in a lot of jewellery when we open again. Platinum is looking desirable at the moment. It's not often you see platinum at a price much lower than gold all be it 18ct, it's still worth a look, especially if you lean more toward the white metal.

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